Mathilde Bäumler. A piece of the jungle

Von Christa Pfafferott und Alexander Riemenschneider

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World premiere 23.3.2012, Theater Bonn

Author (commissioned work) for the Theater Bonn, concept and directed by: Alexander Riemenschneider

“The piece accompies a film crew in the wilderness in search of a life, as there really has taken place. The team wants to film the story of a childhood in the jungle. ‘ Matilda Bäumler. A piece of the jungle ‘ is a game about life and fiction that tells of what happens when the reality of life measure with the reality of the movie must. “report from Bonn / culture”

“The production wants to show what theater is able of, how it is created and how it is brought by a live ensemble. And Yes, that takes place in the almost 90 minutes and he Halle Beul on several levels. “General indicators”

“Je longer they all are exposed to nature or their ideas and notions of ‘Nature’, the more the evening out of control device. What began as ironic play with media recovery chain and their clichés, is becoming more and more a surreal trip. The imagination of the theatre knows no bounds. “culture aficionados”


© Fotos: Thilo Beu

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